Thoughts Held in Mind….


Einstein once said that the world we live in is a product of our thinking, and that in order to change the world, we need to change our thinking.   I’m coming to realize more and more how profoundly true that insight really is.  The thoughts we entertain and hold in our minds are not simply ethereal snatches of information that enter our minds and then disappear.  Thoughts are energy, and the words and ideas we hold in mind have power to create reality to the degree that we hold those thoughts to be true.  If we believe, for example, that people are basically unworthy of our trust, we will become even more aware of people who lie, cheat and steal.  On the other hand, if we believe that people are basically good and really do try to do the right thing most times, we will find ourselves surrounded by ethical and caring people. What we think is so powerful, that we can literally shape our lives and move toward either success or failure.  How we think and feel can have profound effects on our ability to recognize opportunity, how well we perform, and the outcome of the goals that we have embraced.  When we maintain an optimistic, grace-filled outlook and make an effort to harbor only positive thoughts in harmony with God’s ever-present creative thoughts, we begin to create the circumstances conducive to achieving what is in our highest good.   We feel in control, and despite life’s challenges, we are not overwhelmed because we already know that things will work out according to Divine Order. To be sure, there are a lot of energetic preachers whose only message is maintaining optimism above all else.  This is not the same thing as remaining positive.  Choosing to remain positively convinced in the power of God’s grace does not mean that we ignore difficulties or disregard limitations. Instead, it means spending time focusing only on the thoughts that are conducive to our well-being and that of the world.  

Choosing positive thoughts dramatically improves our life and our chances of success in virtually every endeavor. When we are sure that God has made us worthy of love and therefore we are automatically empowered for ministry, we can relax and begin looking for creative solutions instead of dwelling on problems.  We are more likely to imagine positive situations or outcomes and disregard the thoughts related to giving up, failure, or roadblocks. What the mind expects, it finds. If we anticipate joy, good health, happiness, and accomplishment, then we will experience each one. Thinking positively may sound like a simple shift in attention (and it is!) but it is a mind-set that must be developed. Whenever a negative thought enters our mind, we need to recognize it as such and try replacing it with a constructive one instead. This takes a little effort, but with persistence, we can condition our mind to judge fleeting, self-defeating thoughts as inconsequential and them simply put them aside.  

Jesus tells us again and again that salvation is now, that healing is ours for the asking, that we can work tremendous miracles armed with nothing but trust in Him.  Thus it is certainly within our power as baptized Christians to manifest the Living Christ to those around us.  Staying positive may not have an immediate effect on our situation, but it will likely have a profound and instantaneous effect on our mood, the quality of our praying, and overall experience of living our life.  In order for positive thinking to change our life, it must become our predominant mind-set. Once we are committed to embracing God’s positive thinking,  we will come to see clearly that everything we envision for the world is coming into reality.

Wishing you a week of pursuing your highest good, 


About frmichelrcc

I have a degree in religious studies from the University of Wisconsin, did graduate work in theology at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, and also at St. Paul's University in Ottawa. I have been a Benedictine since I first professed as an oblate in 1982, making final profession in 2009. I have worked as vocations director in a large diocese in the mid-west and am a spiritual director in the Benedictine tradition. I have 3 sons, one of whom is now in God's loving embrace in eternity, and 2 grandsons, Bradley and Jacob.
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