A Grateful Offering of Thanks

Yesterday, after leading worship at Grace St. John’s United Church of Christ, members various parishes, family members and friends joined in wishing me a “happy birthday.” Student musicians played an awesome repertoire of classic jazz favorites, and the house was teaming with smiling faces and happy hearts. I cannot remember when I’ve had a more memorable, festive and heart-warming birthday experience, and I want to thank everyone who sent cards, gifts (even though they were told not to!) and attended yesterday’s event. My two sons were there, which made it perfect, although the absence of my eldest, Chris, was keenly noticed. He made his transition almost 16 years ago, and I know God is holding him fast. But that doesn’t make missing him an easy task…and neither does the knowledge that I am now 3 times his age. Can’t wait to see him again and party like I did yesterday!


About frmichelrcc

I have a degree in religious studies from the University of Wisconsin, did graduate work in theology at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, and also at St. Paul's University in Ottawa. I have been a Benedictine since I first professed as an oblate in 1982, making final profession in 2009. I have worked as vocations director in a large diocese in the mid-west and am a spiritual director in the Benedictine tradition. I have 3 sons, one of whom is now in God's loving embrace in eternity, and 2 grandsons, Bradley and Jacob.
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