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Benedictine Vows

I am publishing my final vows after spending a fair amount of time distilling Benedict’s wisdom for my own life.   I was not given any particular direction when I was told I had to write vows, so these are the … Continue reading

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Ministry’s Challenges

The disciples are worn out.  You remember that last week they had been sent off by Jesus–two by two–to learn how to do ministry, to preach, to teach, to heal.  It was trial and error work. Mark’s gospel reports that … Continue reading

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Imagining Something Else

            Let’s talk about prophets.  Not profits, but prophets.  Our readings speak of Amos and we are also celebrating the feast day of St. Benedict, a prophetic voice that still speaks to us after 15 centuries.  Both men lived in … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Weighting

We all have one. An old, timeworn suitcase.   Some of us may not even be aware that we have this suitcase, we may not have been told about it. But it was given to each of us, and it’s heavy. … Continue reading

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