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Corpus Christi: the body of Christ

What’s the most consistent image of the Reign of God in the New Testament? It’s not the golden streets or pearly gates. It isn’t harps or eternal singing. It’s feasting with the family. The reason Jesus often started his parables saying that … Continue reading

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Naseem’s Song

This article was originally published in Reality Magazine, January 2007. He blew into my classroom with the wild melody and spirit of a Moroccan griha, bringing intrigue and chaos, singing his song fortissimo, confident that the rest of us would … Continue reading

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Producing Fruit: a modest proposal

Jesus talks about being fruitful, producing fruit. Somehow, this concept of producing fruit sometimes rubs me the wrong way. Truthfully, I get tired of producing; that’s all society appears to be looking for anymore. If you can produce you’re in, … Continue reading

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